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Travel for Change
Book exciting local experiences and support social change

Who We Are

The word Actxplorer stems from 2 passions

Acts Of Doing Good
Joy Of Exploring
Actxplorer is the travel platform that brings locals and travelers together to engage in one of a kind experiences that create a positive social impact on local communities.

What we do

We collaborate with local communities, social enterprises and non governmental organizations (NGOs) in Asia to feature people and projects in three ways that you can participate in:

Join in fun activities around Asia that directly support local communities and social causes
Explore the needs of social organizations and find out how you can help
Have more to offer? Take a trip and visit social enterprises to explore how you can be part of their growth

How It Works

Discover unforgettable experiences across Asia
Choose your preferred date and time, and book your trip
Pack your bags and we’ll see you there!

Top Trips

Enjoy great street food in Yangon while doing good!
US $30.00

Yangon Street Food Tour With A Cause!

Duration3 hours
Agape offers second-chance careers for those who have been deemed failed in society and it has the i ... Read More
US $36.00

TBN Asia - 1D Agape Connecting People

Duration4 hours
Visit Kuzuko park social impact work in poor townships of Kuzuko. Enjoy the beauty of Cape Town, the ... Read More
US $3,800.00

South Africa Encounter

Duration13 days
Experience the life of a hilltribe family!
US $60.00

Karen Farmstay in the Hills

Duration2 days
An art workshop that inspires!
US $255.00

ART WORKSHOP - From Syringe To Brush

Duration6 hours
Explore off the beaten path on local style motorcycle, on foot through villages and rainforest jungl ... Read More
US $60.00

Water Explorations: Standup Paddle Boarding & Waterfalls

Duration1 days
Create your very own scented stuffed animals to spice up your home!
US $46.00

Craft Your Very Own Herbal Doll

Duration3 hours
Learn the ways of an organic self-sufficient life-style!
US $30.00

Organic Farm Day Out

Duration7 hours

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